In your finally Friday media column: Newsweek sucks, Chelsea Clinton's NBC infiltration works, a bodybuilder becomes a magazine editor, drone journalism arrives, and your angry layoff rant of the day.

  • If you only read one story today about the nightmarish journalism shithole (in aggregate, not particular!) that is Newsweek, let it be John Koblin's excellent piece in WWD. Which part do you like best? Tina Brown doing a phone interview on the "quiet car?" The litany of pissed-off quotes from the staff? (Or, related, the literally impossible assertion that 94% of Newsweek readers don't read the New York Times?) Actually, the most devastating, damning element of the entire story: the photo of Newsweek's Regis Philbin cover. Yowza.
  • Here's NBC's serious political reporter guy Chuck Todd interviewing Hillary Clinton about her daughter Chelsea, who is now Chuck Todd's colleague. Looks like everyone's nefarious plans worked.
  • The new editor of Muscle & Fitness Hers is Mona Muresan, a Romanian competitive bodybuilder. Funny, since magazine editing and bodybuilding are both activities which require all of your time. Good luck!
  • Now, news outlets can buy a camera-equipped drone-like "RoboKopter" that will hover over crowds and capture easy video, journalistically. This is the most amazing piece of journalism technology since... news helicopters, I guess.
  • Your "righteous rant by a laid off journalist against his greedy parent company" of the day is here.