It's been well proven that some of the most reliable haters of America are Americans ourselves. We just can't stand this crappy place. Which should not be interpreted as meaning that we don't love this great nation. Or should it?

Every idiot—every last one, we believe—knows that no matter how bad things are here in America, and no matter how much we complain about how bad things are here in America, it still goes without saying that America is The Greatest Country In The World. In some states, people in "leadership" positions can exhibit this attitude and still be taken seriously!

But now: a new Pew Center poll shows that less than half of Americans—49%—agree that "Our people are not perfect, but our culture is superior to others." Less than half.

Well, no wonder. Who is some pollster to say "Our people are not perfect?" Fuck off, pinko.

[Pew Research Center via Salon, photo via Todd Ehlers/Flickr]