Everybody pat yourselves on the back. It's Friday and that means two days of glorious, uninterrupted TV-watching are upon us. It's important that we start this thing off right.

Maybe, if you are a lady, a musician, a lady musician, or any other kind of person, you will watch the PBS documentary, Women Who Rock. If not, there's a new Supernatural on the CW and Blue Bloods is on CBS. Also, 20/20 looks great tonight: There's an interview with Tim Allen and a profile on a polygamous Mormon family! I think everyone should just cancel their Friday night plans and come over to my house for popcorn and 20/20. See you there!

What about the Sunday shows? AMC has both The Walking Dead and Hell on Wheels, but HBO will raise you a Bored to Death, Enlightened, and Boardwalk Empire. Not to be totally outdone, there's Showtime's little treasure of a show, Homeland, to get behind as well.

Happy Friday gang! Don't forget to tell us what you like, love, and loath in the comments below.