Occupy Wall Street Isn't Going Anywhere

Believe it or not, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's para-military crackdown on Zuccotti Park earlier this week only energized the movement. , as yesterday's massive day of action proved. More »

Your New York City Subway Survival Guide

In its infinite wisdom, the New York City Transit system has decided to stop shutting down the subways for repairs every weekend, and start shutting down the subways for repairs every weeknight. More »

Here Are the Crazies Waiting in the Rain for the Latest Twilight Premiere

Never in my life have I waited out on the street to attend an event, and I certainly never spent five days in a tent in the rain waiting for a movie premiere. More »

Why Does Herman Cain Get His Own Secret Service Detail?

Pity the Secret Service, a law enforcement agency positively stretched to its limits, what with all those mentally ill drifters from Idaho on missions from God trying to assassinate the president and whatnot. More »

The Pointlessness of Your Life Revealed in Email

What were you doing this day a year ago? Thanks to your obsessive use of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and/or Instagram, this information can now be mined in the blink of an eye. More »

The Real Victims of the Penn State Scandal: Investment Bankers

If you are unfamiliar with the specifics of the Penn State scandal, you may be under the impression that the real victims are the children who were raped and otherwise abused by assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. More »

White House Shooting Suspect Charged with Attempted Assassination

Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez may have missed President Obama by 3,000 or so miles when he allegedly shot at the White House residence last week, but no worry: More »

'Hitler Youth' Hairdo So Hot Right Now

You know that increasingly popular old-timey hairdo for men where the sides are shorn short, but the top remains long and can be slicked back with brylcreem or sculpted into an ornate pomade wave? More »

How a Geek Cracked the Jeopardy! Code

Roger Craig had never been on Jeopardy! before, but by the end of his first day of taping, he'd won five games in a row, the most lucrative day for any contestant in the show's history, including the most lucrative game in the show's history. More »

This Might Be the Creepiest Art Project Ever

Artists come up with some twisted stuff, but this project by Dutch visual artist Willem Popelier might be the creepiest project ever. He essentially cyberstalked two 14-year-old girls whose photos he found on a showroom laptop. More »

Demi and Ashton Are Divorcing

Heartache for cougars and admirers-of-cougars: Following a rumored marriage retreat at ex-husband Bruce Willis' vacation home, Demi Moore has announced she is divorcing cheating husband Ashton Kutcher. More »

A Completely Gratuitous Gallery of Sexy, Shirtless Celebrities

Happy Sexiest Man Alive day, everyone. That is the day when People magazine announces who their hottest hunk of the year is. This time around it's Bradley Cooper. More »

Lady Gaga's Old Manhattan Apartment Is Up For Grabs

Way back before there was Lady Gaga, there was Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and she lived in this apartment on Manhattan's Lower East Side. The entire premise of If These Walls Could Talk should be re-written so that it is about this place. More »

NBC's Midseason Schedule Does Not Include Community

NBC, the abandoned shopping mall of a television network, announced its mid-season schedule today, and while a bunch of shows got moved around, it seems like fan favorite Community got moved right off the schedule. More »

CIA Won't Give Ex-Agent a Copy of the Book He Wrote Because It's Classified

Former military intelligence officer Anthony Shaffer is suing the Pentagon and the CIA over their extraordinary attempts to censor Operation Dark Heart, the book he wrote recounting his days as a military spy in Afghanistan and elsewhere. More »

Why Did This 22-Year-Old Entrepreneur Commit Suicide?

Ilya Zhitomirskiy, a 22-year-old co-founder of the hyped Facebook rival Diaspora committed suicide this weekend in San Francisco. Now the tech community is reeling, and asking hard questions about the pressure facing young tech entrepreneurs. More »

Facebook Is Drowning in a Flood of Hardcore Porn

If you walked by your coworker today and saw hardcore porn filling her screen, there may be an innocent explanation. Some sort of hack is currently spewing porn and gore all over Facebook. More »

Watch a 12-Year-Old Put Your Startup To Shame

This 12-year-old iPhone developer has a couple of all-too-rare things going for him: A solid product idea, and a strong ability to communicate with the public. More »

Congress Kills Another Balanced Budget Amendment, For Kicks

For whatever reason, the House chose to whip out ye olde Balanced Budget Amendment for another vote today, after it was voted down a couple of times this summer. More »

Rebecca Black's Latest Music Video Has Arrived

After her unintentionally horrible music video for "Friday" gripped the nation, Rebecca Black attempted to go legit with "This Is My Moment." Now we have "Person of Interest," Black's inane new teen pop pseudo-love anthem... More »