Let's all read this one together, in unison: "We don't mean to brag, but we've been Occupying Wall Street for 227 years."- BNY Mellon, in ad that a WSJ reporter photographed at last Friday's Financial Follies, the super hilarious funny night of things that people who work in and cover finance think are hilarious. "Headquartered in New York, BNY Mellon has $25.9 trillion in assets under custody or administration and $1.2 trillion under management"

Two hundred twenty seven years without being overrun by an angry populist mob, huh? That is impressive.

BNY Mellon, Corporate headquarters: One Wall Street, New York, NY.

UPDATE: BNY Mellon spokesman Kevin Heine sends us the following statement: "The ad was created specifically for the Financial Follies, an annual event hosted by the New York Financial Writers Association, which was founded to raise the standards of financial journalism and to provide education scholarships and support for former writers in need. The event is well known for its irreverent and off-color skits and spoofs of current events and financial newsmakers, as well as the humorous ads that sponsors are encouraged to place in the event program. BNY Mellon is proud to be a long time supporter of the Association and the Financial Follies, which over the years has raised many millions of dollars. The ad was created for one time use in the Follies program — and, anyone familiar with the event would understand that."

[via Copyranter]