Attention! If you landed a plane at the Houston Executive Airport in Texas on Monday, and then disappeared, the police would like to talk to you. About the fact that your plane is filled with marijuana.

Authorities are searching for the weed-plane's pilot (Santa?), who seems to have run away very quickly after landing his (or her!) vehicle:

Before the landing, the planes operators would not talk to the airport tower controllers. Once it arrived, the nose gear collapsed. No pilot was found on the plane.

What was found on the plane was pot:

When law enforcement officers arrived at the scene shortly after the incident around 7 p.m. CDT, they found
a large amount of marijuana inside the abandoned aircraft, Kremmer said.

"You could certainly classify it as a lot more than just personal use," Kremmer said.

The plane (a "small twin engine" vehicle) "sustained minor damage." No word on the marijuana.

[AP, Click2Houston, image via Shutterstock]