Gather round, cable news promotional campaign junkies, because here's the latest ad from MSNBC's esteemed "Lean Forward" series — starring Al Sharpton! How do the suits go about portraying him as a common sense problem-solving liberal? Ed Schultz, for example, sips coffee in a crappy diner or wanders around a shipyard muttering to himself about labor, while Rachel Maddow stands next to a dam and says "how 'bout that dam." Only Al Sharpton, though, gets to scream about pie.

He's in Brooklyn, telling a story about his youth. He used to eat blueberry pies and then lie about it to his elders and get caught. It's just like Republicans! "They've got the blueberry pie all over their face," he says. "THEY WERE THE ONES EATING THE PIE!" Heh indeedy, those Republicans, they sure are Republicans sometimes. Phenomenal work here.