Today we learned about a very lucky pilot who nearly met his end in New Zealand. With such a close call, you have to wonder what was going on in the cockpit during that landing. One helpful commenter supplied us with the transcript.

From unicycle:

Transcript between the helicopter pilot and the 'tower agent' (flight director) just before the dangerous crash:

PILOT: Taa, thees ees Poilet Joines. Oi'm pripairn' to descend.
TOWER: Awroit, Joines. Oi advoise cahe. Use extroim caution in thet toit spot.
PILOT: Thet's wot she said.
TOWER: Roit. Thet's a good one. Do be caheful. Eef you hit the soides, yaw loikely to snep in hawf.
PILOT: Thet's wot she said.
TOWER: Ah, ye got me egin. Awroit, teck it een sloiw.
PILOT: Thet's ... Aw, fook me.
[Loud crashing sounds are heard.]
TOWER: Thet's wot she said.


[Image via Shutterstock]