Watch this YouTube of President Barack Obama delivering his Thanksgiving-themed weekly address and see if you can figure out what—or Who—is missing. tl; dw? Fine, then: It's God! He did not mention God, who made everything you should feel thankful for—if you believe in God.

For the record, Obama did mention God in his address last year. See if you can spot "God" in this excerpt:

Today, like millions of other families across America, Michelle, Malia, Sasha and I will sit down to share a Thanksgiving filled with family and friends – and a few helpings of food and football, too. And just as folks have done in every Thanksgiving since the first, we'll spend some time taking stock of what we're thankful for: the God[<=====THERE—Ed.]-given bounty of America, and the blessings of one another.

Did you find it? Good! Reward yourself with another plateful of holiday pie.

Obama also said "God" in his 2009 address. Look for God in this passage:

Today, we recall President George Washington, who proclaimed our first national day of public thanksgiving to be observed "by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God[<=================LOOK.—Ed.]," and President Abraham Lincoln, who established our annual Thanksgiving Day to help mend a fractured Nation in the midst of civil war.

How did you do? Great! Reward yourself with yet another plateful of holiday pie.

This year Obama decided to do something a little different and celebrate "the community" and the troops instead of God. As the LA Times reports, this literally forced the wingnuts to spend their holidays writing, blog-commenting, and tweeting about how Obama is a militant atheist, a turkey, and a "proponent of separatist multiculturalism and its inherent disruption of progress toward a unified America and the common good." None of the usual references to his ties to Islam from what we've seen, however; maybe it occurred to people that he can't be a Muslim and an atheist at the same time. (He'll probably be a Muslim again by Christmas.)

Besides random tweeters and commenters, a Fox Radio commentator and a columnist who says "holy cow!" also complained about Obama's God-less speech, and probably some others but it's a holiday and we don't feel like torturing ourselves by wading through such silliness any longer. God wants us to honor our personal limitations and have some more of His cranberry sauce. Oh, but this column by Town Hall contributor Janet M. LaRue is worth a mention, because she found yet another thing missing from O's talk: "It's the mention of sin and the need for repentance." Obama didn't encourage us to to explore our shame and feel terrible about ourselves and therefore broke Thanksgiving a whole other way.

Now: REPENT! Then have yet another plateful of holiday pie. Then REPENT again! For you are an insatiable glutton.

[LA Times, YouTube. Thanks to commenter Tweeterweller for the tip!]