The Dildo Microphone, the Nude Sketch, and Other Lady Gaga Surprises

Lady Gaga poses nude for an American legend, and previews her next video. Jennifer Love Hewitt denies herself her favorite things. And a model is very mad about the release of her sex tape. Black Friday gossip is very serious at restaurants.

  • Lady Gaga celebrated Thanksgiving like so many American families: with her own TV special. The highlight, of course, was what Reddit described as Gaga's "dildo microphone" (see above); she also discussed posing nude for Tony Bennett (the sketch can be seen in the next issue of Vanity Fair), and Bennett called her "America's answer to Picasso," a statement about which I imagine internet people will have very strong feelings. And! The audience got a preview of the video of "Marry the Night" (seen here). So much to be thankful for! [Daily Mail]
  • Oh no! Jennifer Love Hewitt has to be in shape for her new Lifetime show, Mom Who Is a Prostitute, so she couldn't eat mashed potatoes yesterday. Instead, she did Pilates. And that was the story of Jennifer Love Hewitt's Thanksgiving. [People]
  • Alert! A sex tape! This one features model SueLyn Medeiros, engaged in sexual activity with her boyfriend. She's thinking of suing: "[M]e and my boyfriend took a few personal private videos doing things I'm sure every couple does" Uh, excuse me, SueLyn, not every couple role-plays 40-minute Family Double Dare erotic fantasies, okay? [TMZ]
  • Model Maggie Rizer gave birth to a son, Alexander Rafahi Mehran III. What color are his eyes, you are almost certainly asking? "Deep blue." Excuse me for a moment while I go file this item in my "Really Important Stuff That I Care About a Lot And Will Want To Revisit Later" drawer. [People]
  • Talk about Project Funway: Heidi Klum was spotted taking her kids to a Katy Perry concert! Where was Seal? Probably celebrating a brutal dictator's birthday! [People]
  • Neil Patrick Harris made a joke at a restaurant, reports the New York Post. We'll update as we hear more. [Page Six]