A protective grandfather received a complimentary pile of bloody paper towels as part of his Black Friday shopping experience, after police slammed him to the floor at a Walmart in Buckeye, Ariz. What did he do to receive this amazing offer?

According to Fox News Phoenix, the man was shopping with his wife and grandson, just looking at the video games, when suddenly a mob of crazy-ass shoppers showed up to attack some of the games, rip their packaging apart, and punch each other (in the name of Baby Jesus, no doubt!).

In an effort to protect his little grandson from all the unruliness, the man—who reportedly had about $600 worth of merchandise in his cart—slipped the video game he was holding in his hand into his pants waistband for a brief moment so he could lift up the boy and carry him to safety. That's when cops showed up and allegedly threw him to the ground—shattering his face and producing the "personalized holiday blood towels" you can see in Fox's news reel.

The little grandson also got his own set of towels after the mob trampled upon him. Simultaneous bleeding brings families together!

Update: Fox has updated its story to provide the Buckeye Police Department's side of the story. According to Assistant Police Chief Larry Hall, 54-year-old Jerald Newman "began flailing his arms" when they asked him about the video game. This somehow led to Newman being cuffed. "As the officer put handcuffs on the suspect, he resisted arrest, flailing his arms and pulling away from the officer backing up," Hall says. How did Newman flail his arms while he was being cuffed? Hall tells ABC: "'The officer got one cuff on him and the gentleman was like, 'I'm not going to jail!'" Maybe Newman didn't want to go to jail because he hadn't committed any crimes. It's just a thought.

Hall claims that Newman had tried to run out of the store, and that's when police "did a leg sweep"—making him fall and hit his face on the hard cement floor. Newman has been charged with shoplifting and resisting arrest. ABC News provides a video of the arrest that includes sound as well as graphic scenes of Newman's face covered with blood. "Why did you throw him down so hard?," a bystander can be heard asking police. To protect the video game, duh!

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