According to the Daily Mail, "Britain's most feckless father" is a 34-year-old unemployed man who has already produced 15 babies to 13 different ladies, and has two more babies on the way. His name: Jamie Cumming. Commence Beavis and Butthead-style chuckling.

Cumming reportedly doesn't support any of his kids, but sometimes he buys them "lavish gifts" that their moms can theoretically sell for food. Hopefully none of his offspring will grow up to duplicate his promiscuous parenting habits, or his hairstyle.

Back in August 2011 the Daily Mail wrote a similar piece on Cumming titled, "Is This Britain's Most Feckless Father?" Now they're certain.

Update: The Daily Mail is running yet another story on Cumming—its second in less than 48 hours. This one's titled "The father with 16 children by 14 women: He has another on the way (and most are being brought up on benefits, of course)." It's because baby No. 16 was due to arrive over the weekend, and also because stoke public outrage. A new photo shows him sporting a much better haircut than the one he's got in the photo above.

[Daily Mail. Images via Shutterstock, Daily Mail]