On Thanksgiving Eve, Andri Lynn Jeffers allegedly walked into a northern Arizona gas station and demanded money from the cashier. When he turned Jeffers down, she announced that she had a bomb underneath her sweater and threatened to blow up the place, like how they do on teevee.

But Jeffers didn't really have a bomb under her sweater. When police finally caught up with her at home, she reportedly told them that her "bomb" had only been a harmless little nonexplosive penguin toy. Nevertheless, police arrested her and took her to jail (the cashier had no way of knowing what she was keeping under there, after all), and she was charged with attempted robbery.

We've heard of robbery by plastic gun, baby, and joystick, but never robbery by something so cute and whimsical as this. Seriously, if you're going to be a complete failure at the stick-up business, at least choose adorable "weapons."

If the penguin was some kind of lucky charm, then Jeffers needs to find a new one, obviously.

[Arizona Republic, Prescott Courier. Image via Shutterstock]