This Twilight star cut his body out of the posters and has people snort coke off of it? This singer did crack with homeless people on Thanksgiving and this mogul has a thing for burgers. We all have our drugs!

1. "What Twilight actor had a bunch of the movie posters cut up so they only have his picture remaining. He then uses them as the base for when people snort coke at his house. He says that he loves people snorting coke off his body." [CDaN]

2. "This A+ list R&B singer helped with a food drive for the homeless this week and then afterwards spent several hours smoking crack with them. Hey, at least he paid for all of it." [CDaN]

3. "Which mogul was shaking with rage at his assistant when the peon took too long to run into Shake Shack to get him a burger while the boss man waited in his Town Car?" [Page Six]

4. "Which troubled young Brit actor met the friendly introductions of the Upper Class Virgin Atlantic flight attendant—offering to help with whatever he wanted during the journey—with the simple riposte, 'Why don't you just f*ck right off?'" [Blind Gossip]

5. "While his B list television actress wife on a long running hit network medical drama was at home with their child, her husband was at the Roxy this week hitting on women and getting as many phone numbers as he could." [CDaN]

6. "Which younger brother of an infamous socialite appears in a hardcore gay sex tape that's making the rounds in the male modeling world?" [Page Six]

7. "This comic actor who has been a supporting actor in hit television shows and movies is becoming a bigger and bigger star is about to have a serious breakthrough as a lead actor and move from the C list to B+ or even higher. I wonder what will happen when people take a close look at his collection of Japanese porn. He says it is all anime, which is true, but the subjects are all girls who look 12." [CDaN]

8. "Which supposedly sober rock star was spotted at a high-end gala schmoozing the tables and surreptitiously swilling all the other guests' wine?" [Page Six]