Now that Herman Cain's sliding back into a comfortable third place in the polls and no one cares about him anymore, how should he spend all that money he raised while he was the frontrunner? "Converting the campaign into a PAC and paying yourself a million dollar salary for the next few years" would be our plan, and it's probably his for further down the road! For now, though, he'll make fancy cartoons like this one, about the 9-9-9 tax plan.

The cartoon tries to explain the much-lambasted tax plan in simple terms. Here's how it would work: If you replace the current federal tax code, depicted as an evil death robot run by unsavory bureaucrats, with 9-9-9, GDP would grow by gazillions of dollars overnight! It just would. Also, cartoon Al Gore would drive away in an electric car and cartoon Warren Buffett would feel guilty.

Some cartoon! Here's another cartoon, by which we mean graph, offering a different perspective. It, too, is a bucket of laughs.

[via The Hill]