As if it weren't enough that it's stock is shriveled, its profits gone and its subscribers are defecting, Netflix completely "ruined Thanksgiving" for some users when its instant streaming service went unavailable this weekend. How did the Netflix outage destroy your life?

The company said last night it was "hard at work" fixing sign-on problems some users had with its streaming service. A scan of the @NetflixHelps feed showed problems stretching back to at least Saturday and continuing into Sunday night. "They keep posting that problem is fixed," an affected user emailed us today, "but when [you] call the 800 number," it's clear there are "lots of people still having problems."

Netflix users reacted in their usual calm, proportional fashion. "The best day of my life has been ruined by a @netflix downtime," wrote one. ":( sorry date, i guess we can't watch a movie." Ånother called the incident a "crisis moment for parents." "Ruined my cozy movie night," said another, "and possibly my monday and thus my entire week." And, inevitably, someone tweeted, "2011 - the year that Netflix ruined Thanksgiving." On the bright side, this means that Google is now off the hook for ruining Christmas four years ago.

[Image: Yanik Chauvin/Shutterstock]