Today we learned that Pippa Middleton is a downright hussy! Alright, maybe not a hussy per se, but she was seen out and about at the same event with two strapping young lads. But like her sister, Pippa will only git wit the bluest of the blue bloods. One commenter knows just how posh and aristorcrat-y a Middleton suitor ought be.

From James T Quirk:

Pippa's companion that evening was one Giles Fortescue Jones-Smythe, known to all as 'G'.

His introduction to London Society came at an early age when he was selected to serve as Dame Edna Everadge's footstool during the 1985 Proms. Later, at Cambridge, he was notorious is the student bars for his hand-made suits and home-made pomade. Quick with a joke but often slower with a fiver, he nonetheless impressed sufficiently to gain employment in the Foreign Office.

As junior assistant undersecretary in the department of Tiffin, his youthful familiarity with the exotic cultures of the Orient ensured that he was often selected to accompany travelling dignitaries overseas, keeping their beer warm and their gin cold. After the family farm in Rhodesia was forced to close, the decision was made to relocate to Biarritz where he still resides when not in London or New York.

Mr. Jones-Smythe first made the acquaintance of Ms. Middleton during a charity auction of commemorative biscuits with all proceeds benefiting The Royal Society of Wretched Urchins. When reached at his London home for a statement, Mr. Jones-Smythe said: "Get off my property or I shall call the Police".

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