When NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly stopped by Columbia to answer questions for a class taught by former New York Mayor David Dinkins, an Occupy Wall Street sympathizer whipped out a projector and started displaying images of police brutality. Hey, it's more fun than a Powerpoint.

From the Columbia Bwog:

a student pulled out a projector and began to screen images of police officers beating civilians on the wall behind Kelly. "We'd like to offer an alternative version," one slide read.

People started shifting awkwardly in their chairs, then shifting much more awkwardly when the student turned the projector around so that the film was facing Kelly as he continued to speak.

Turns out he didn't even go to Columbia—he was an NYU student who snuck onto campus. Another student ambushed Kelly with questions about the city's ludicrous number of arrests for drug crimes, and when it emerged he wasn't actually registered for the class, either, Kelly joked "Says something about the security of this school, doesn't it?" according to the Bwog.

Columbia students "seemed bothered by the demonstration," according to Democracy Now! reporter Ryan Deveraux, who was on the scene. Aw, come on—it really could have been a lot worse. They could have brought the drum circle.

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