After a solid decade in the "luxury cars whose jaw-dropping price tags are a marketing tool rather than an accurate reflection of the cost of the good in question" business, Daimler is putting an end to its Maybach line, due to the fact that it somehow did not make a profit even though you could buy enough Lexuses to form a Voltron-like robot for the price of a single Maybach. Anyhow. On to the real news here:

Rappers! What will they drive now? Amirite?

Hey Rick Ross, you will probably have to select a name for this label, Maybach Music! For now it will be awkward! Amirite? How about Edsel Music? Haha. Amirite?

Hey Kanye West and Jay-Z, too bad you wrecked that Maybach in the Otis video—try finding another one now! Amirite? Hey, next time try using a Honda—though not as flashy, they're very reliable! Even for a "cool rapper!" Amirite?

And other, similar remarks.

[Wheels. Photo: AP]