In its attempt to gloss over every movie you ever loved with forgettable songs, silly plot reimaginings, and sentimental nostalgia, Broadway is now bringing over Ghost: The Musical from London. Based on this snippet, it looks pretty damn bad.

Just listen to those songs. Can you even remember one not of them? No! They're the most awful type of musical theater treacle you can imagine. And what is up with that flashy screen and all that NASDAQ ticker bullshit? Is this How to Die in Business Without Really Trying? Is the ghost a stock broker now? If he died on 9/11 and is now a ghost I will kill myself right here. No, actually I will do it in the lobby of the theater and I will haunt ever damn performances. I'm sorry, but this is not moving me to shell out $125 bucks to go see this thing. Well, that guy's abs are making a very good argument. Yes they are.

Speaking of warmed-over Whoopi Goldberg movies, Sister Act: The Musical looked really stupid until I saw it and it's "Fabulous" as their break out song says, so maybe there's hope for this yet.