You know what's more juicy and illuminating than a glowing tomato? The enlightened gossip we share during our weekly Top Chef live blogs! Our next garden party o' gab is about to get started in the comments, so why not join us?

Here's how this foodie flash mob works, if you haven't participated before: We all watch Top Chef (which airs at 10 pm Eastern on Bravo) and post a group running commentary on the show in the comments section below this post. We also chat, tell jokes, share anecdotes, play drinking games, compose Petrarchan sonnets and do just about anything else we feel like doing—except the sonnet-composing part, which I just made up.

We also talk about food sometimes—especially when our live blog happens to fall on Thanksgiving Eve, as it did last week. During that one, I asked commenters to report on what they were personally preparing for Turkey Day, and here's a random sampling of the many dishes y'all responded with: grilled redfish, cornbread stuffing with acorn squash, and venison sausage (Lizawithazee); green beans au gratin, blue cheese and walnut salad, deviled eggs, and bruschetta (Fry_Bread_Power); Virginia ham, chocolate pie, steamed peas and carrots, and cranberry sauce from scratch (Havisham Bridal Party); roasted Brussels sprouts, squash and pecan pie (BabyJane); mulled wine (ghiagirl); and, of course, lots of turkey. All of which made me so hungry as I typed it just now, I feel like inviting all the commenters who live blog here each week to a big pot-luck party, because the food would probably be awesome.

In addition to whipping up delectable eats last Wednesday, commenters also cooked up a heaping portion of witty comments—a few of which are highlighted in a separate post, so you may want to take a look at that when you get a chance. And here are few things we'll all be taking a look at on our TV screens soon, as we live blog tonight's episode:

  • The chefs will get stopped on a desert road to Dallas by the Texas State Police, who will challenge the chefs to make chili seasoned with pepper spray and flash-cooked using tasers. Not really—they actually have to use desert "survival kits," but I like my idea better.
  • The guest judge is John Besh, who is not the guy who composes syrupy music and provides syrupy Olympic gymnastics commentary. That's John Tesh. You might want to write that down before the episode starts, because it's very important not to get John Besh confused with John Tesh.
  • The elimination challenge will involve preparing "high society" meals. Maybe they'll be gathering up some peyote buds while they're out in the desert?

OK all you gourmets of commentary: It's nearly 10 pm, and time to get this quip-stew cooking. I'll see you down the comments!