So, it's pretty windy in L.A. right now. That's actually an understatement. It's blowing harder than a rentboy at a Republican National Convention around here! The "Santa Anas," as they are known — powerful fall winds that build up in the Great Basin between the Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains and pour out towards the Southern California coastline (and that's your meteorological lesson of the day) — have arrived with a vengeance. Speeds of up to 97 mph have been recorded in the Angeles National Forest, and in L.A. proper they seem to be topping out at 50 mph. Transformers are blowing up all over the place and Michael Bay is nowhere to be seen! About 25,000 are currently without power, and even parts of LAX have gone dark. I guess the city doesn't have to worry about the 30 tons of debris left behind after the Occupy LA eviction last night.

But we know what you're really wanting to know: How is Rebecca Gayheart doing through all of this? CBS 2 has the answer.

In Beverly Hills, a giant eucalyptus tree came crashing through the wall at the home of actress Rebecca Gayheart after being uprooted by a wind burst.

Neighbors said the actress and her baby were both safe.

"She's good now," said Erin Smith. "No one was hurt, thank God."

[, Photo via AP]