This actor's mother brought his childhood best friend to Thanksgiving dinner as her "boyfriend." This actor got busy in a (don't think it was Burger King) bathroom and this actress is a crazy freak in bed. Just wait. In 20 years, she'll be dating her son's best friend!

1. "This C list film actor from a trilogy has had long-standing problems with his mother. The two have been feuding for years, but have still managed to stay in contact. This last Thanksgiving was the last straw when the family got together and the mother brought home her new boyfriend—the C lister's best childhood friend." [BuzzFoto]

2. "This former A list movie actor who now is lucky to find work was a big sex symbol back in the '80s and '90s. At a recent event he ditched his date to have sex in the bathroom with an old flame who has risen to C list status as the host of a reality show." [CDaN]

3. "This former A list tween star and now actress who has to rely on her old role for any kind of fame, is known in Hollywood as the freakiest freak in bed. You would never know it by looking at her, but guys line up to try and date her." [CDaN]

4. "When a star is in trouble, it would be nice to think that their celebrity friends would rush in to help them in their time of need. Perhaps they would provide a shoulder to cry on, or a box of Kleenex to dry their dear friend's tears, or some sage advice based on their own public stumbles or heartbreaks. Nah. Sometimes they are just there to take advantage of a photo op set up by the guys or gals who handle them. In this case, it's one publicist who happens to handle both of these celebrities and thought that this was a good opportunity to make both of them look better. The truth is that neither of these celebs has many friends outside of their family. And they really can't stand each other! So the thought of either one of these people taking more than half a second out of their life to genuinely comfort or help the other is actually quite funny." [Blind Gossip]