The Bronx's anti-gay New York state Senator Ruben Diaz Sr (center in the photo) nearly single-handedly held up gay marriage legislation in the state for years because he does not like gay people. Now, in an irony of ironies, a building in the Bronx named after him will now the the home of the Bronx Community Pride Center.

For those of you who don't speak homosexual, "Pride" always means gay, at least in this context. (Gives a whole new meaning to the Pride of the Yankees, doesn't it?) Oh, that karma, we always knew she was a bitch, but apparently she is a cunty drag queen from the Bronx with a rainbow colored manicure and a bad attitude. Here's a snippet from the Pride Center's press release.

The Bronx Community Pride Center (BCPC) has moved from its location of 17 years in Mott Haven, on East 149th Street, to a brand new space at 975 Kelly Street, 2nd Floor, in Hunts Point/Longwood, ironically in the Rev. Ruben Diaz Gardens Building, a building developed by the Arker Companies, partially through funding secured by the local State Senator, and ardent opponent of marriage equality.

To add to the irony of this irony of ironies, Diaz's son, Ruben Diaz Jr, the Bronx borough president, will cut the ribbon to open the center. This whole thing is just totally awesome. I think I'm going to go take a vogueing class at the Bronx Community Pride Center now just so I can stick it to Ruben Diaz Sr in his own building (and learn how to do a death drop, girl!).


[Image via AP]