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A few years ago, some dude actually found his "dream girl"—meaning some pretty girl he happened to spot on the New York subway—by drawing a picture of her, making a website, and watching it go viral. That had, at least, the whiff of being a clever idea with a happy ending. Then there's this.

A tipster spotted this lovelorn fella on the F train in Brooklyn this morning: "Guy wearing sign that says 'I love this girl!...Help me get a second chance.' Asking people to write him words of encouragement to get his GF back." And succeeding, our tipster says! "Yep, people were signing it. In general, most people were avoiding him (as they would with anyone making announcements on the subway). The intention is for him to present this to her as proof of his devotion and creativity... He didn't say why she dumped him, other than he 'screwed up.'"

His plan, as far as we can deduce it:

1. Have dozens of strangers sign messages of encouragement (?) on a huge, blown-up picture of this girl kissing him on the cheek, which he is wearing as a sandwich board while prowling about a subway car and vocalizing loudly to the involuntarily assembled crowd.

2. Here's where we start to lose the plot. Present this unknown girl with this monstrous, be-scrawled photograph, which will be interpreted as a good thing?

3. Love???

You are a hero of love, sir. Crazy, crazy love. Has anyone else seen/ dated/ been in a relationship with/ been this man? Please email us at once. Girls are so weird.