When a bunch of Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested during a World AIDS Day protest, Thursday, NYPD ate all the pizza that was delivered to them by supporters, with a grin.

The press release by the AIDS advocacy group Housing Works is an entertaining read. Apparently NYPD belatedly offered to buy more pizza, after their cops ate the two large cheese pizzas from Mini Munchies. (The police say they ate the pizza by "mistake." Right, and Lt. Pike thought he was spraying those UC Davis students with seltzer water.)

"We weren't touching their dirty pizza," protester Charles King said in the press release. "We knew it was cheesy hush money."

Just to play devil's advocate here: Isn't it better that fat ass cops go around scarfing down other people's pizza instead of wailing on them with nightsticks? Maybe a free buffet is all that's standing between us and a humane police force.

[Image via Shutterstock]