Maybe you were swamped at the office this week and couldn't check your favorite Gawker Media sites. Or maybe you're about to go back to work and could use one last distraction. Whatever the case, we've got you covered. Here are some of the best videos we watched during the week that was.

TLC's Latest Exploitation Victims: Adorable Adult Virgins

30-year-old virgins. A guy who solemnly admits he's "not a virgin entirely by choice." A couple who save their very first kiss for their wedding day. View »

Watch These Crazy People Jumping Into the Darkest Pit of Hell

These guys are Polish. They are also freaking crazy for jumping into this dark hole in an abandoned gold mine in the Czech Republic, near the Polish border. View »

The Nerdy White Rapper Who Launched Two Internet Sensations in 24 Hours

Melanin-deficient battle rapper Mac Lethal's pancake-focused cover of Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now"—which he recorded while making pancakes—has garnered nearly half a million views since being uploaded to YouTube about 24 hours ago. View »

Herman Cain Quotes Pokémon as he Suspends his Campaign

Republican Herman Cain quoted a Pokémon movie once more as he suspended his campaign for President of the United States today. View »

Listen to 22 supercars start their engines

Some people think all supercars, from Agera to Zonda, are the same: fast, expensive, and pretty much any eight-year-old could doodle one. They're wrong. View »

The Greatest Frisbee Catch In The History Of Frisbee Catches

Your morning roundup for Nov. 30, the day we learned assault has no age minimum. Video via The PostGame. View »

Watch Kim Kardashian's Marriage Fall Apart Before Your Very Eyes

After watching tonight's premiere of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, even someone as dumb as Kris Humphries himself should be able to see that his marriage to Kim Kardashian was doomed from the onset. View »

Jon Huntsman's Daughters Follow A Hit With A Miss

Jon Huntsman's daughters' latest viral offering for their father's candidacy is "Huntsman's Back," a little ditty to the tune of Justin Timberlake's hit song. View »

Ambien Does Some Crazy Sh*t to Your Brain

People on Ambien can get pretty nutty: they hallucinate dragons (see above), cook, eat, file their nails, have long coversations, even drive-and remember nothing later. View »

Did the Skyrim Patch Make Things Better? Or Worse?

After game developer Bethesda released a patch-Version 1.02-for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, gamers took to the forums. Many rejoiced, noting that the PS3 freeze issue appeared fixed. View »

Lady Gaga Gets Naked and Goes Crazy in 'Marry the Night'

On Thursday, Lady Gaga debuted the music video for her latest single, "Marry the Night." Directed by Gaga herself and clocking in at just under 14 minutes, the epic mini-movie begins with a defeated Gaga being wheeled on a gurney into... View »

Extremely high-wind landing is extremely scary

In pilot-speak "Crabbing" refers to angling the nose of a plane in order to compensate for a crosswind, as can be seen in this video of an extraordinarily high wind landing in Calgary this weekend. View »

Tampa Bay FOX Affiliate Airs Unidentified Buccaneer Locker Room Dong

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost a heartbreaker yesterday to the Tennessee Titans, a 23-17 game thick with penalties, turnovers, and otherwise sloppy play. View »

The Awesome Sex Worker Who Loves Disabled Clients

If there's one thing that makes some people squirm more than the idea of a functional, happy sex worker it's the frank discussion of disabled sexuality. View »

Stephen Colbert: 'Siri Is Clearly an Arch-Conservative Woman'

When Apple announced the iPhone 4S, its most anticipated feature was a female robot-voiced intelligent personal assistant application named Siri. But Siri's introduction to the world wasn't seamless! View »

How to Use Photoshop to Make Your Loved Ones Look Pretty These Holidays

This is a very simple, quick method to make everyone have beautiful skin in these holidays family photos, even if your family is on meth. I've used a variant of this method in the past years and it works perfectly. View »

So This Call of Duty Ad is Much Better

OK, so that first Jonah Hill x Sam Worthington Call of Duty ad was...OK. A little cheesy, a little much, but OK. Their newer, second commercial is much better. Less effects, less bombast. View »

Watch a Lamborghini driver hit 206 mph on a public road

Headed from Scottsdale, Arizona to Miami, Florida, this Bullrun rally driver stretches the legs on his Lamborghini LP640 out to its upper reaches - View »

Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber Play Lovers in Life-Ruining New Music Video

Tonight, NBC aired the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting. It was boring! Well, except for the part where Justin Bieber debuted the music video for his duet with Mariah Carey of "All I Want for Christmas Is You." Because what the hell? View »

A Wonderful New Holiday Tradition: One-Handed Beer Football

Remember the Bud Bowl? The PBR Bowl is kind of like that, only less aimed at convincing underage kids to drink. View »

Michele Bachmann Would Protect Gay People By Doing Nothing

Michele Bachmann's still touring the country with her wildly popular performance art piece she calls "Paranoid Funadmentalist Conspiracy Theorist Magnetic Poetry Runs For President." In this stop... View »

How to Lose $2400 in 24 Seconds

Wait for it. Wait for it. Waaaait for it. By the end, you'll see how to very easily and very sadly lose $2,400 in 24 seconds. The video was filmed with a Canon 5D Mark II in Cannon Beach, Oregon by Kurtis Hough. View »

ABC's Work It Could Be the Worst Television Show in History

Every year gets a movie so unspeakably disgusting, it becomes a cultural touchstone in its own right. Last year it was The Human Centipede; this year, Jack and Jill. View »

Siri hacked to start a car

Last week we showed you how a developer had hacked Siri to operate his internet-connected thermostat. But that's not cool. Starting your car using Siri, now that's cool.
Actually, that's a bit unfair. View »

Worst Shopgirl On Earth Makes Best Video Concept

All of your worst retail experiences at snobby boutiques are rolled into one and mined for maximum comedic value in this video by comedians Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson. View »

The Elder Scrolls Adventures Re-envisions Skyrim as a 1980s Saturday Morning Cartoon

Raise your hands if you remember that weird Dungeons & Dragons cartoon that ran from 1985 to 1987. That show was clearly made to capitalize on the popularity of D&D, but I still tuned in every week with the hopes that it'd get better. View »

Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News for Overreacting to Obama's 'Godless' Thanksgiving Address

In case you were too busy eating last Thursday to keep up with the news, some conservatives were very upset with President Obama for leaving God out of his YouTube Thanksgiving address. View »