Last night Robert Pattinson went to the Los Angeles bar La Poubelle (French for "dirty cheater") and hung out with actress Sarah Roemer, who once worked with his accidental wife Kristen Stewart on a movie. Suspiciously, Stewart was not with them. Did they canoodle?

Given the photographic evidence we've seen, not at the bar—but their words canoodled, of that we can be almost certain. Post-Poubelle, Pattinson was spotted getting into a car with a female. Who was this woman in the car? Some say her name is Mystery Girl. Others call her New Lady—and also "Sarah Roemer," because she looks exactly like the company Pattinson kept all evening. Why is Robert Pattinson sharing cars with Sarah Roemer? Or if not Sarah Roemer, her twin? Or a Sarah Roemer impersonator who "caught his eye" and enticed him to follow her home for hot cocoa and marshmallows (and that wild thrusting that he likes so well)?

Either he's being a scoundrel, or he's a fossil fuel-saving carpooling man who sometimes enjoys the company of his female friends. Whichever the case, he's broken the Hollywood rules against cheating and having platonic relationships with members of the opposite sex, and needs to apologize for his behavior.

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