What flavor of eternal hatred for Mitt Romney are Republican primary voters trying out this week? He's not merely a liar, an opportunist, a socialist, and a member of the Utahan Space Jesus cult anymore. Now he's also the dad who went out for cigarettes and never came back, or did come back, only to ignore you.

The Washington Post directs us to the latest report from the Wacky Polling industry:

Democratic pollster Peter Hart was struck last week by the reactions of GOP primary voters who took part in a focus group Hart conducted for the Annenberg Public Policy Center. Asked what relative Gingrich reminded them of, several said a favorite uncle or a grandfather. Romney was a "missing father" or a second cousin, Hart said, indicating the voters felt more affinity for Gingrich.

More interesting than the Romney findings, though, is that most Republican primary voters apparently only have one uncle.

[Image via AP]