Ah the homespun holiday party—that magical time of year when your crappy 6-floor walkup is transformed into a crappy 6-floor walkup covered in cheap twinkle lights and cardboard candy canes. Because you're inviting people into your home, and thus responsible for your guest's enjoyment (or, terrible, horrible time), hosting a party can cause of a host of problems.

That's why, with the help of Smirnoff's two brand-new offerings, Whipped Cream and Fluffed Marshmallow flavored vodka, we've created this highly reliable etiquette guide. So if your BFF shows up with that terrible ex of hers who everyone thought was totally out of the picture, or your coworker shows up an hour early and expects to be entertained, you'll be fully prepared.

1. Don't Require Attire

Do you really want to look back at all your party pics and see a bunch of awkward people all standing around awkwardly because they were forced to wear awkward outfits? The whole ironic Christmas sweater theme is officially played, so just forget about it now. If you must dictate a dress code, at least be creative. Make it 1950's winter break in Malibu, or Santa in space, or Doogie Howser Christmas Special-themed. That would be cute! You could all wear reindeer-print scrubs!

2. Avoid Potluck Bad luck

It might be tempting to ask your guests to bring a dish to pass, but how much do you actually trust them? You know your friend who calls you every time Mercury is in retrograde? They will bring kale and chrysanthemum chowder. And you will be expected to eat it. Instead, hit up the frozen food aisle a few days early and stock up on frozen mini-quiches. Everyone loves mini-quiche!

3. Be Social

If you invited 47 people to your house then you are expected to talk to the 47 people who showed up. Yes, it's hard work, and yes, you'll feel like you hardly had anytime to actually enjoy yourself, but that's what throwing a party means. It will be terrible for you, you'll lock yourself in the bathroom, cry because everyone hates your mini-quiche, and then you will dry your eyes and go face the crowd like a champ.

4. Give Gamely

You know that White Elephant game, where everyone brings gifts, and then proceeds to trade them back and forth until you all end up with something crappy? Let your guests win. If Denise unwraps a super cool bongo that would totally look great underneath your Grateful Dead dancing bear tapestry, ignore your greedy instincts and let Denise keep her super cool bongo. Even if you won a stupid box of wine charms. The holidays are about giving, El Grincho.

5. Drink Up

Nothing makes the presence of one's loved ones actually bearable like a cocktail or two shared around the hearth (you have a hearth?). Try something cozy like equal parts hot chocolate and Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow, or mix orange juice and Smirnoff Whipped Cream for big kid version of an orange Creamsicle. Serve in pretty glasses, pretend like you totally have your life together, and bask in the envious glow permeating from your friends.

Doesn't that sound like fun? Follow these tips and you're certain to have a perfect party. And for more ways to enjoy the holidays—including an exclusive rebate offer and delicious drink recipes—head here to check out Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow and Smirnoff Whipped Cream flavored vodkas.