This struggling thespian meets guys on the internet for sex hoping they'll buy her drugs. This reality show couple has a dirty secret and this actress wants a hot young man to be her beard. Maybe she can find one online.

1. "This once B list (now on her way to D list) star is currently meeting men online for random hookups. She doesn't ask for payment, but is usually rewarded in drugs at the end of the evening." [BuzzFoto]

2. "How about a nice easy one? This reality show couple have always been unique. They have stayed together when countless others have tired and failed at the same game. Why did this one couple have so much luck and success when others have failed? They made millions in the process and to date no one else has been able to match their luck. The reason? Prior to their 'meeting,' they had already been dating for over a year." [CDaN]

3. "Thanks to a major improvement, this award-winning actress is looking better and younger than she has in years. However, that still does not mean that celebrity men twenty years her junior are interested in dating her. The last couple of men she targeted – including a sexy Hollywood actor – passed on the opportunity. It's not so much her age that concerns them. It's that there's a twist to this story. She wants them to beard for her while she pursues her relationship with the wife of a Hollywood icon." [Blind Gossip]