No, You Can't Just Forge a Huge Check and Be Rich Forever

The thing that some people don't understand about crime is that you have to put some thought into it. You can't just run around willy-nilly doing stupid idiot crimes and expect to get rich and famous and live a life of leisure outside the walls of a prison. You have to plan shit. You can't just, you know, steal $285,000 and hope that nobody notices.

A paralegal and an elementary school teacher from California sure were living lavish! Hey, how'd they do that? The LAT reports:

The roommates, Alexa Johzen Polar, 34, and Robin Antonella Pabello, 33, both of Garden Grove, are charged with forging a $285,000 check from the law firm where Polar works and using it to charter a private jet. They flew their friends to New York City, rented five rooms at a hotel overlooking Times Square and went on a shopping spree at Tiffany and Co. and Montblanc, authorities said.

They also put down a $233,000 deposit on a $3.7-million house in Murrieta - paid for with two fraudulently obtained cashier's checks, prosecutors said.

THOUGHT THAT OCCURRED: "Hey, there are some checks here. Let me just write one for $285K and take the money and live the fabulous life of a rich person, forever and ever amen."


THOUGHT THAT DID NOT OCCUR: "Perhaps I should cover my tracks in some way, lest I get caught."

They were caught. Well, say this for them: they had a dream, and they gave it their best shot. No they didn't.


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