Bridget Jones is selling her pile of rubble in Connecticut for $1.5 million. I kid! This home is beautiful and the most sensible thing for us to do is to pool our money together and buy this place. Would you get a look at that pool!

The four bedroom, 3.5 bath home measures in at 4,287 square-feet and is located in Windham County, one of the swankier counties of Connecticut. Built in 1770, the home has obviously since been renovated, but the original brick fireplace and bread oven were preserved and still function. There is a guest cottage, something called a "recreation barn," and a helicopter landing area.

It's like Walden Pond up in here. Or like the pastoral backdrop of a Henry James novel. Does it come with soft skinned, red cheeked milk maids holding baby lambs? I bet a person could really do some thinking at this place. Maybe finish their novel or two. Do you hear that whimpering? It's Ralph Lauren having a wet dream about this very home. Charming!

[Images via Coldwell Banker]