Well, here's some "good" news: cops found the skeletal remains of Shannan Gilbert, the 24-year-old sex worker whose disappearance led to the discovery of ten, apparently serially-killed, bodies on Gilgo Beach in Long Island! And, even, uh, "better" (?), it looks like her death was an accident!

Gilbert's body, found in a swamp along Gilgo beach, is the 11th to be found the area over the last year, but weirdly enough, police don't believe she was killed by the same person as the other ten:

At a news conference today, Dormer said he believes Gilbert's death was an accident after drowning in the marshland.


Police said they suspect she may have fallen into a hidden drainage ditch and drowned.

Cops said the deaths of the 10 people and Gilbert's disappearance appear to be a coincidence.

That's... one big coincidence! Not, we suppose, out of the realm of possibility? But kinda Law & Order-y. Maybe fate just needs new writers. In any event: consider this your weekly reminder to never go to Long Island, even to have sex with someone hiring you off Craigslist.

[NYP; image via AP]