In France, people are all very sensitive about things, and prefer to approach sensitive issues (all) by arguing sophisticated points of serious political philosophy, while making dismissive hand gestures and holding cigarettes. This is why the French are such a bunch of pussies who aren't even tough enough to be involved in several doomed wars of choice in the Muslim world. Le wimps! Amirite?

Here's how wimpy the French are: right wingers have managed to have Houria Bouteldja, a French political activist with Algerian roots, dragged into court and put up on charges for saying something mean about white French people.

Bouteldja, of the movement Indigenes of the Republic, called native white French "souchiens" in a TV interview. The word derives from "souche," or stock, as native white French are commonly called, but could sound like a hyphenated word meaning "lower than a dog."

For this grievous insult, she faces up to six months in prison. Oh, poor Le Wimps! Sad that the lady said a mean thing? Did she hurt your feeling, croissant boy? Gee, what did white French people ever do to Africans, right? What, you've never been called a dog-ball-licker before? Go cry into your stereotypical Onion Soup, why don't you?

Thank god here in America our right wingers are real men about this issue.

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