These two A-listers enjoy each other's company in bed, and are sometimes joined by one's wife. This actress is pretending that she found god, and this actress donates her entire wardrobe to charity once a year. Some people need to invent excuses to go shopping.

1. "It is a barely kept secret that these two A list movie actors swing both ways when it comes to women and men. Although their public relationships have all been women the two continue to see men when the chance presents itself. Well, considering the two have been co-stars in the past, it is not surprising at all that they have taken the opportunity to avail themselves of each other. Until recently, the female significant other of one of the actors would also join them on occasion. It was actually her suggestion that the two guys hook up because they would keep it private and her suggestion that she join them." [CDaN]

2. "This television girl has never been known for being very religious. In fact, many of the activities in which she has engaged might be considered the exact opposite of godly. However, look for her to start sprinkling her language with religious references in the near future. It's a calculated move to both differentiate her from her colleagues as well as to help her fit in with a new people who don't look kindly on those who sin and blaspheme." [Blind Gossip]

3. "Once a year, every year since her first spouse died, this actress remembers the day of his death by donating her entire wardrobe to charity (because he was dedicated to many good causes). After that, she spends the following few weeks buying herself new clothing. It helps give her something to do and to think about new beginnings." [BuzzFoto]