Singing dust speck Justin Bieber was pulled over for the third time this year in Los Angeles, and let off with a warning for the third time this year. Even cops are beliebers, apparently.

Bieber has this monstrous black matte, suicide-doored Cadillac CTS-V 'batmobile', modified, it appears, to make him look about 2.5 feet tall while driving it. TMZ reports he was pulled over yesterday for making an unsafe left turn on Ventura Boulevard and let off with a warning; this follows an October incident where he was pulled over for cutting off a cop while in a "three-card motorcade" with his buddy Sean Kingston, and an incident in South Beach where he was pulled over just for looking too young to drive, according to the Post.

So, Bieber the Golden Boy remains free to continue his reign of terror, when you or I would probably be doing five years simply for illegal taste violations re: the Batmobile. When the Batmobile inevitably runs down an old lady it is on will be on all of our consciences.

[Image via Bauer-Griffin]