Consider Jean Quan's Facebook successfully occupied. The Oakland mayor has officially given up her would-be "fan page" after it was overwhelmed with critics of her handling of Occupy Oakland protests.

Ever since her infamous decision to send police to break up Occupy Oakland, "the Mayor's page has been positively drowning in haterade," as the East Bay Express put it, "sustaining weeks and weeks and weeks of unmitigated internet vitriol."

Quan's attempts to silence her critics only made things worse; after she disabled wall posts on her Facebook page, people just started dissing her in every random thing she posted. It's kind of comical and sad all at once. Click and enlarge the image above for a small sampling of 5 of 88 replies to a simple picture of the mayor eating chestnuts at an outdoor mall. There's more here. You have to scroll way down for "Mayor Quan is a source of constant civic embarrassment nationally" and "resign, you embarrassing failure of a mayor."

After Quan announced on Twitter she was disabling the Facebook page, in poured at least 90 more internet comments, by the Express' count, mostly mean. "Pathetic & cowardly," read one tweet. "That's right.... fold under pressure," read another. This, of course, raises the question of how long Quan can remain on the microblogging service while keeping morale and dignity intact, given that she couldn't take the hate on kinder, gentler Facebook. Or how long she can maintain her YouTube presence. Or her blog.

Maybe the wisest political course for Quan at this point is to lean in to the seething anger and reduce her online identity entirely down to just a secure tripcode on /b/. Just a thought!