Andrea Peyser's Year in Review: 'The All-American Booty'

What a year it's been for Andrea Peyser, the sourpuss racist lesbian xenophobe sex fiend who serves as the conscience of New York City's most fascist tabloid. Today we are blessed with Andrea's "Year in Review" column, widely considered journalism's most exciting day after the Pulitzer Prizes. Equally looked-forward-to is our condensation of this column into readable form! Without further ado, we present The Shorter Version of Andrea Peyser's Year in Review Column, Which Is, Naturally, on the Topic of SIN:

"sin...a horny hat trick... sex tapes and the all-American booty... bigger, hotter... bimbo eruptions... the sexting fool who majored in lazy sex... rape... getting naked with a drunken woman... same-sex... sex... lesbians... unprotected one-nighter with a babe... serial humpers... erecting... chaining up... the Cat... sanitary reasons."

Even better than Andrea's 2010 year in review! See you in 2012, Andrea? Same time, same place? It's a deal.

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