Today we learned about a fascinating new invention that uses facial recognition technology to bestow sexxxy, adults-only pudding upon the masses. Technology is truly a wonder. And while we do not often reward the immensely prestigious and sought after COTD title on the image-makers among you, today's commenter really arrested us. Please see the image above and to the right for some expert Photoshopping.

Transcribed from The Gadget:

Coming Soon, to a mall near you...

In a wooorrrrld, where Calories are Currency... And the only Law is how much you can Eat... One Man... One MACHINE... Stands between the Human Race... And TOTAL DIETARY CHAOS...


>>> EXPLOSIONS!!! <<<

The only way to top this is to make a movie about a Robocop who uses facial recognition technology to regurgitate pudding into his victims' mouths. The amazing part will be that despite being a hulking piece of metal and force, it will mimic the gentleness of a bird feeding her children. And scene.