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Few films received as much praise as last year's Moneyball. Topping both the New York Times's and Rolling Stone's "Best of" lists, the unlikely sports drama was an out-of-leftfield box office hit (Ha. Get it? Because it's a movie about baseball!).

And who but Brad Pitt could make a flick about baseball statistics genuinely compelling? Based on Michael Lewis' book of the same name, Moneyball follows the Oakland Athletics' 2002 season, as their general manager, Billy Beane (Brad Pitt), attempts to change the sports system with the help of a shlubby Yale Econ major (Jonah Hill). Along the way they come up against some very skeptical scouts and an antagonistic team manager (Philip Seymour Hoffman) who just don't understand why Beane can't play ball the old fashioned way.

Moneyball is out today on Blu-ray™, Combo Pack and DVD. Head here to order your copy now.