Today we saw a different, more agile, more feline side of Rick Perry. That silent way in which he stalks his prey is just one among an impressive, um, skill set? One commenter thinks this strange collection of talents Perry has exhibited can be boiled down to a simple numbers game.

From Canned Poodle:

I think Rick Perry's campaign is being supported by rich eccentrics who are using him to make exotic prop bets:

- Talk like a drunken idiot and make cutesy faces pays 3 to 1
- Forget key talking points during debate pays 6 to 1
- Make a laughably absurd anti-gay campaign commercial pays 6 to 5
- Do a cat-like pounce on his wife in a campaign commercial pays 4 to 1
- Announce his dog as his running mate pays 3 to 5
- Win the Republican primary 6 to 1
- Win the general election 12 to 1

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