This actor is absolutely obsessed with Tijuana donkey shows and this actor has a thing for strippers. Oh, and gossip Michael Musto dumped a ton of blind items on us. Merry Christmas and happy guessing.

1. "Not much to say here except that this B list actor from a popular franchise apparently has a fascination with Tijuana Donkey shows. He's obsessed…." [BuzzFoto]

2. "This actor is probably A list. He has been top billed in lots of movies, but the thing is, unlike other members of his family he seems to always share that top billing with someone. It seems that our actor has a fondness for strip clubs. Nothing wrong with that. He especially likes some in his hometown. His one quirk is that he only likes African-American women to dance for him. No other races seem to do the trick for him. He likes one dancer so much that instead of just giving her dollar bills, he bought her a car. Maybe this is why we never see him with a girlfriend. Too busy in strip clubs." [CDaN]

3. "Which foreign-born designer waves and keeps running whenever she sees her plastic surgeon in public? (She doesn't want anyone to figure out that she knows the woman-as if this way, people will never guess that she has regular work done!)" [Michael Musto]

4. "Which TV star used to regularly service the composer of the project that launched her? (Relax, it was just for fun. She'd already nabbed the part.)" [Michael Musto]

5. "Which sheik went for medical help when his testicles were impacted, only to learn that he has a uterus? (Or he would have learned it had the doctor gotten up the balls to tell him. He only told friends, who obviously told everyone else.)" [Michael Musto]

6. "Which thirtysomething blonde socialite is using her diet pills at such an alarming rate that her doctor won't renew the prescription unless she comes in for a visit every time? (And even then, he's not thrilled. So many celeb casualties linger in the memory.)" [Michael Musto]

7. "Which legend's son has lived for decades in that addiction-treatment facility, unable to face the world at very large?" [Michael Musto]

8. "Which male designer bizarrely motioned for his London fashion-show audience to stand after the presentation, only to find them resolutely sitting there, blank-faced?" [Michael Musto]

9. "Which designer who married really well brings her dog to work-as do some of her staffers-even though some of the other workers are allergic, and the dogs are horribly behaved, constantly fighting with one another and peeing on the clothes? (As a concession, a dog therapist now swings by every week to have a session with each creature. Meaning the dogs.)" [Michael Musto]

10. "Which former sitcom star barreled with four guests to the front of the line for a screening of the new Meryl Streep flick, barking, 'I'm an Academy member?' (And she got in! She really has some uterus!)" [Michael Musto]

11. "Which Oscar winner was spotted at a boîte a few months ago, loudly dissing the acting chops of a perfectly talented male theater co-star?" [Michael Musto]

12. "Which queen on the scene was fired from Barney's for having sticky fingers (which were beautifully manicured, by the way)?" [Michael Musto]

13. "Which oldies-but-goodies legend drove everyone crazy with his prestige effort, sitting all over the theater from every imaginable angle at rehearsals and complaining that the sound wasn't good enough? (Hmm, maybe it wasn't just the acoustics.)" [Michael Musto]

14. "Which actress in a musical made people loony behind the scenes with her costume demands, and the result is a way worse-looking ensemble than the one you see in photos outside the theater?" [Michael Musto]

15. "Which star on Broadway doesn't get entrance applause because no one recognizes her altered face from the old days (though at least she doesn't wave and run when she sees her surgeon)?" [Michael Musto]

16. "Which director endearingly hired his new boyfriend as an understudy in his old boyfriend's play?" [Michael Musto]

17. "Which cable anchor craftily ships all her designer duds to New Jersey to avoid paying sales tax?" [Michael Musto]

18. "Which glass-closet personage was in the audience for Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays when a character made a comic reference to his gayness? (Awkward!)" [Michael Musto]

19. "Which new real Housewife was wrongly assumed to be a transsexual by at least two people I know who met her? (High praise, by the way.)" [Michael Musto]

20. "Which GLAAD award-winner is an old-school hypocrite who casually tosses the F-word around with loved ones?" [Michael Musto]

21. "Which famed cougar actually swings both ways and once stripped in front of a female journalist as an obvious come-on?" [Michael Musto]

22. "Which ethnic actress must be getting a career boost out of publicly dating that sizzling actor? (She's a lesbian!)" [Michael Musto]

23. "Which mouthy funny lady loves sex so ferociously that when she used to fuck a fellow comic, the windows had to be shut because her squeals shook the whole neighborhood? (Yep, she's a scream.)" [Michael Musto]

24. "What designer's young boyfriend is still so relatively unsophisticated that he has four crumbled chocolate-chip cookies covered in milk for breakfast-plus he spells zucchini "zookini"?" [Michael Musto]

25. "Which supposedly reformed star ran out of a screening four times (to powder her nose, perhaps), unfortunately coming back to ask a not-terribly-bright question during the Q&A?" [Michael Musto]

26. "Which avant-garde disco singer still hasn't returned that Marlene Dietrich movie?" [Michael Musto]

27. "Which old broad messed up so many songs during a big concert engagement that some people were buzzing that it was 'a career killer' (though she got the obligatory standing ovation)?" [Michael Musto]

28. "Which rising starlet shuns red carpets these days because she doesn't want to be asked about her relationship with that TV star? (And that's too bad since I have some definite questions about it.)" [Michael Musto]

29. "And now for some vintage gossip, the kind that ages like fine whine: Which movie 'throb indelicately tells people that the gal he lived with two relationships ago has bad personal hygiene and needs to hose out her private region?" [Michael Musto]

30. "Which Oscar nominee seriously claims that legendary director raped her to get a better performance out of her?" [Michael Musto]

31. "And which award-winning theater producer was way more likely to give a guy a job if the guy and a male friend had sex in the producer's bedroom while the producer watched from behind a one-way mirror?" [Michael Musto]