How to Choose a Wine for the Holidays

Christmas weekend is upon us, and if you're not already drunk you probably should be soon. But how? The Wall Street Journal's Wine section has some recommendations. But so do we! Try some of these great selections for a perfect holiday

How to Choose a Wine for the HolidaysFranzia Boxed Wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, $10-$12 Our tasters noticed strong hints of "wine" and an undercurrent of "like, red wine?" flavors in this bold Cabernet. Pair with breath mints and a furtive cigarette on the porch.
How to Choose a Wine for the HolidaysCarlo Rossi, White Grenache, $10-$12 Here, the subtle flavor of alcohol flirts with a powerful taste of sugar. "This jug is heavy," noted one taster. Pair with Christmas cookies and more Christmas cookies.
How to Choose a Wine for the HolidaysBoone's Farm, Strawberry Hill, $3-$5 This wonderfully evocative malt-based wine beverage impressed our tasters with its "strawberry" flavor and "strawberry" scent. Pair with cold turkey eaten directly out of refrigerator.
How to Choose a Wine for the HolidaysAndré, Extra Dy Champagne, $2-$5 Our tasters told us "this tastes kind of like champagne," mentioning especially "how do you open this fucking thing?" Pair with Franzia boxed wine.
How to Choose a Wine for the HolidaysPopov Vodka, $11-$13 "This is not actually a wine," one taster noted. Pair with access to text messaging services.

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