If you've been too busy celebrating the holidays to keep track of the doings of internet blimp magnate Ron Paul, you might have missed the 50 scans of Paul's various, unbelievably hateful newsletters, published on Mr. Destructo last week. But as pleased as that made us, we're even more pleased to discover @RP_Newsletter, an enterprising new Twitter account that's re-Tweeting the best of those newsletters, 140 characters at a time!

Standard Ron Paul disclaimer: he didn't actually write any of this himself, by most accounts! He simply allowed it to be published, in his name, as political strategy, and then continued to employ the newsletters' author, Lew Rockwell, as a trusted advisor.

In any event: What better way to remind yourself of the atrocious bigotry of the Internet's Favorite Candidate than in the Internet's Preferred Mode of Speech, 140-character snippets of near-nonsense text?

[Mr. Destructo, @RP_Newsletter; image via AP]