What does Chris Christie even mean when he waddles up to these New Hampshire hecklers — females, primarily — at a Mitt Romney event and tells them, "You know, something may go down tonight but it ain't gonna be jobs, sweetheart?" He's responding to their chants of "Christie kills jobs!" and "Mitt kills jobs!" So, we have three options.

1) He's indicating that there's something special, some magic in the air, going down tonight. It's the dawn of a new era, with Mitt Romney en route to victory!

2) He's saying they're going to be thrown out of the event and tossed "down" to a pack of lions in the pitt of a bottle dungeon. That's just how law enforcement rolls in the "Live Free or Die" state.

3) He is suggesting that these ladies are going to give blowjobs tonight.

You can find defenses of each interpretation on media outlets of the corresponding slant. (Defenses of "sweetheart" are much harder to come by.)

The question is: Does this stuff "work" for Mitt Romney, having a surrogate whom the Christian Science Monitor describes as "the larger-than-life governor" step forward in some sort of bodyguard-hitman role for the Massachusetts Moderate? It seems to remind Republican voters of how weak the field is: They couldn't get their cherished New Jersey monster to come and yell at liberal ladies and unionized teachers in his own campaign for President of the United States; instead he just throws out a couple of Jersey lines to make the Romney go down easier. Sigh.