Young Lee, the co-owner and co-founder of shockingly popular frozen yogurt-ish dessert chain Pinkberry, has been accused of chasing down a homeless man and beating him with a tire iron. But why?

According to the LAPD, last June Lee was stopped at a red light on the Hollywood Freeway when the homeless man approached Lee for some money. Lee, a former kickboxer, saw a "sexually explicit" tattoo that the man had and was so upset that he and his passenger chased the man down and Lee allegedly beat the crap out of him. After an investigation, Lee was arrested on Monday when he returned to L.A. from South Korea.

The funny thing is, no one will describe what the tattoo said (or depicted). What could be so incredibly offensive to make this guy freak out and assault a homeless man? Lee is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and supposedly did "great bodily harm" to the victim, so he really must have been pissed off.

Leave your best guesses of the tattoo in the comments. I bet we can convince wacky Aunt Sinead O'Connor to tattoo the grossest one on her backside.

[Image via Pamlau's Flickr]