Dear everyone in the damn universe with iMovie and a Gmail account: we do not want your "Shit People Say" video, no matter how good or clever you think it may be. Do not send them to us. Do not email them, do not Twitter them, do not IM or DM or PM or Facebook them.

No matter what your video is, we will not publish it. We do not want "Shit Grandmas Say" or "Shit Whipped Guys Say" or "Shit Toxic Gay Guys Say" or "Shit Bronies Say" or "Shit White Girls Say to Cupcake Bakers" or "Shit Mirandas Say to Samanthas" or "Shit Zombie Abe Lincoln Would Say if He Ate a Black Guy's Brain." We are not interested. Period. Exclamation point. Eye roll.

We warned you once, we warned you twice, but this time we really mean it. The "Shit Gawker Editors Say to People Who Want Us to Put Their Shit People Say Video on the Internet" consists of one word that we learned from Nancy Reagan: No.