Yesterday we heard about Young Lee, the co-founder of frozen gruel with Fruity Pebbles on top yogurt chain Pinkberry, who allegedly beat the crap out of a homeless man with a tire iron after the homeless man showed him his "sexually explicit" tattoo. Now we finally know what the tattoo is.

Initially the cops weren't talking about exactly what the tattoo said or depicted that could have launched Lee into such a fit of rage. Well, now they're talking. "A law enforcement source told [The L.A.Times] the tattoo was of a man and woman having sex." Really? That's it? I mean, who doesn't see a homeless man with a tattoo of people having sex every day. Boring.

Still, the details get even worse. The cops say that the homeless man in question was changing his sweatshirt when Lee drove by and saw the tattoo. He rolled down his window to take umbrage with it. Lee told the homeless man to kneel down and apologize, which he did, but Lee and his passenger beat the guy anyway. Naturally Lee's attorney says that Lee and his cohort felt threatened by the man. Of course he's going to say that. If people are going to feel threatened by that tattoo, wait until the world catches a glimpse of the tattoo of Mohammad rimming Jesus that I have on my back!

[Image via JPellgen's Flickr]