If you've taken your frustrations with the Stop Online Piracy Act to your congressman's online contact form and tried to type that famous protest cry "DELETE THE BILL! DELETE THE BILL!", then you've already discovered a dark truth: You get censored, thanks to oxymoronic "congressional rules." But don't worry, you can always curse out your congressman instead.

A blogger in China relays the story of his friend who tried to fill out the contact form on Michigan Rep. Gary Peters site with a thoughtful letter against SOPA. At some point he tried to type the word "delete" or "deleted" into the form and a nasty note popped up telling him to fuck off and use "del_ete" instead. We just tried it, as you can see above, and so can you. What the hell? Stupid Gary Peters website. Perhaps it's a technical-codey thing (I know nothing about the Internet) like if you type "delete" on a government website it launches the entire nuclear arsenal to eliminate Delaware. And that would... matter.

So then he just wrote a bunch of filthy words, which is always fun.

Have you, reader, encountered any other strange government website quirks that can make for comical screen shots? We'd love to know.

(Okay okay, for those of us who aren't all in the mood to play around with over-the-top SOPA paranoia and crappy congressional websites.)

[Image via AP]